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The Games

For each room, your group is given one hour to escape. After escaping or once the time limit has run out, you may not attempt to escape that specific room again as you will figure out or be told the solution. Each room has many clues, so examine everything very closely because a clue may be hiding in plain sight. The larger the group, the greater your chances of escaping.

Ultimate Nightmare

You take on the role as a team of detectives tracking down the world’s most notorious serial killer.

Dig deep into his past and try to figure out what goes on in his twisted mind.  Time is of the essence as you search for clues, knowing the killer could return at any moment. This room will have you screaming in fear.  Will you gather enough evidence to put this menace behind bars permanently, or will you just become his latest victim?

Capacity: 8 guests

Difficulty 4 of 4


Prison Break

You have been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and sentenced to death.  You have exhausted all of your appeals and no-one will listen to your case.  You have one hour left before you’re a dead man walking.  How will you spend your final minutes?  Will you throw in the towel or try to make an escape and prove your innocence.

Capacity: 10 guests

Difficulty 2 of 4


School Of Hard Locks

Someone put a tack in Mrs. Smith’s chair and you got blamed.  It’s a sunny Saturday and you’re stuck in detention while all of your friends are out having the time of their lives.  The teacher locked you in this room hours ago and I think she forgot about you.  Now is your chance to find a way out, but it won’t be easy.  You will have to be laser-focused as you hunt for clues and solve puzzles to help you with your escape.

Capacity: 8 guests

Difficulty 2 of 4

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